Quality/ Environment Management

Quality Assurance

The aim of each production process is to increase sales through the manufacture of excellent products and the provision of comprehensive performance. In the production of our series parts and assemblies, we meet the most demanding requirements with regard to the products and process quality. We take on all possible and apparently impossible endeavors using modern production methods and processes to achieve our objectives in an economic and high-quality way. Hänggi’s philosophy is that quality cannot come at the end of the process. At Hänggi quality begins with robust tool designs, proper press selection, and with particular attention paid to secondary and post process selection. With SPC data collection we are able to maintain and verify quality through the entire manufacturing process. As a final tollgate our quality department is equipped with some of the most modern mechanical and automated technology available.

SPC – the Basis for Our Quality Assurance Tools

At Hänggi our belief is that we must continually improve our processes and quality systems to meet our customers’ expectations. Part of our quality and continuous improvement process has been to implement and follow ISO 9001:2015 throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, our process expertise is verified and audited through ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Quality as Strategy

  • Customer satisfaction
  • 0-PPM
  • No. 1 in Service quality
  • Kaizen
  • QM-System
  • Employee qualification
  • SPC
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • Process capability
  • Control chart
  • Product/Process Review