Surface Treatment

Degreasing and deburring by means of vibratory finishing and linear deburring are processes that are carried out in-house. We employ all common methods of vibratory finishing. The processes are exactly defined and therefore can be repeated without any deviations. The use of contour measuring equipment allows us to set the required amount of metal removed through chamfering.

Modern linear deburring systems equipped with surface scanning and compensation control are used to easily grind away even larger burrs and uneven surfaces. We create the chamfering with planetary brushing stations and thus simultaneously remove secondary burrs from the grinding process.

We work together with specialist suppliers for all types of surface coating, electroplating and heat treatment. Quality agreements are drawn up in writing to define the requirements and process parameters for each part so that any modifications necessary for the process are recorded.

Fully Automatic

Vibratory finishing, barrel-polishing, vibration treatment, deburring with centrifugal force, polishing, belt grinding, treatment with brushes, etc.

Fully automatic vibratory finishing centers for economic production of low and high volume products.

Oberflächenbehandlung Gleitschleifen Stanztechnik

Cleaning and degreasing in closed systems with environmental friendly solvents.

Oberflächenbehandlung Waschen und Entfetten Stanztechnik Hänggi