About Us

Our Vision

Hänggi aims to be a leading supplier of stamped and formed parts, precision stamping, microstamping and the assembly of units, as well as an excellent provider of technological solutions on the world market.

Our company wishes to work together with partners in all areas of stamping technology to offer and develop effective and economic solutions.

We wish to develop and produce parts in low and high volume series production economically at the highest quality level for customers located around the world within the agreed delivery time.

Hänggi wants to be a flexible, dynamic and reliable partner working together with customers to meet all their respective requirements.

At Hänggi we are working towards long-term synergy and a company structure designed to achieve the full satisfaction and success of customers, employees and stakeholders.

Management Policy


The responsibility for an active quality environmental and industrial safety management lies within the executive board. It is an important function for the management as well as for all superiors. We want to verify, confirm or correct the task guidelines by means of measurable targets. Risks and its impacts are periodically analyzed, in order to make appropriate changes in the interests of the public so that they are able to react in a timely fashion.


In order to always meet our customers’ requirements and wishes, an early cooperation is required, as well as the inclusion of competent experts in their fields. Our clients can rely on the fact that they will receive the highest quality products and services, delivered as specifically ordered and perfectly on-time. Furthermore, our highly knowledgeable and expert staff are committed to continuous improvement and ensuring the best possible outcome for our customers.

Training – Information – Motivation

Team members are proactively mentored by the leadership team to encourage positive career development. They are trained to perform at the highest level of quality, environmental, and safety standards. The Hänggi team is encouraged to have an open dialogue with other teammates and members of the leadership team. This is so that information is shared openly and interactively to build trust and to support our core values along with taking responsibility for our actions. Additionally, the open door communications policy encourages team members to make meaningful suggestions for process and work place improvement.

Legal Condition

The adherence to relevant legal guidelines of environmental and industrial safety, a matter of course, Heinz Hänggi Stanztechnik meets the minimum standard. We commit ourselves to continuously improve our environmental record within our possibilities. We aim to avoid unnecessary environmental impact. In the meantime, Barnes Group’s standards will be appropriately met.

Process Control

In order to ensure the best techniques are used to fulfill customer requirements, Hänggi employs rigorous quality and safety controls at every stage of the development process. The principle of 0-failure is applied at different points throughout every project to ensure that error prevention, and health and safety remain in the foreground.

Cooperation with Partners

We take into consideration suppliers that are determined to fulfill the customer’s high quality requirements and are environment conscious. If necessary we’ll bring the appropriate authorities, unions, etc. (interested circles) and safety specialists to meet the environmentally demands as well as the occupational safety requirements.

Continuous Improvement

The operability and the effectiveness of the environmentally quality and industrial safety management are constantly checked and certified by routine audits.