In the field of microstamping, our development work and extensive production experience has made us one of the worldwide market leaders.

Microstamping means stamping in a range hardly visible to the human eye. We produce millions of stampings in series with dimensions of just a fraction of a millimeter. These parts require stamping technology of the highest precision, as they are destined for applications in the automotive industry, such as injection systems for petrol and diesel engines or anti-blocking systems. The necessary technology cannot be purchased on the market.


Using specialized engineering, Hänggi has been able to develop the required technology including equipment and in-house testing technology and implement this technology in international markets.

Progressive Stamping Tools

Today we also implement this technology with progressive stamping tools in series production achieving unparalleled quality. This innovative step has enabled us to manufacture parts with a high degree of efficiency and the highest precision.

The New Progressive Tool Technology

The continuous development of our processes has enabled us to set even higher standards in the production of nozzle hole discs for petrol engines.

Our extensive experience over many years has allowed us to develop a progressive stamping method that is more efficient, is quicker, and is characterized by almost zero defects.

Measurement Techniques

Hänggi is fully committed to using the appropriate measurement techniques in order to meet customer specifications and consistently maintains standards via its up-to-date QM system.

Qualified personnel work with modern measuring systems including 3D measuring machines, contour measuring machines and gearing testers to guarantee quality.