Precision Stamping

We use modern machines from the market leader, Feintool, with a tonnage range of 40 to 250 metric tons to produce high precision parts from various materials up to a metal thickness of 6 mm.
A variety of proven tool concepts and extensive experience with the choice of materials, in combination with efficient machine organization, enables us to meet the most demanding customer requirements.
The legendary precision of the parts we produce and the expectations of our customers motivate us to manufacture ever more complex parts with fine cutting and forming techniques. Eliminating process steps through multi-functional and precise parts is a challenge that we are happy to take on.

We combine the operations of fine cutting forming and set new standards in the field of machining for the economic manufacture of precisely formed and very small parts through precision and the elimination of process steps.

This is only possible when the expertise gained in the production process continually flows into the tool making department, which is located near the production line.

Complex requirements need reliable and process-oriented staff who are able to react quickly to technical problems and changes. We are the right partner to guarantee you precision in this area, working towards a zero-defect strategy with an excellent delivery capability.

Hydraulic Presses

Forming operations on manual hydraulic presses. The parts are manually inserted or inserted using a handling device.

Hydraulische Einlegepressen