Assemblies – Forming and Manual Insertion into the Tool

We produce assemblies with many of the parts we manufacture and process, especially in the fields of power tools and electrical appliances. We produce assemblies using joining methods such as welding technology or forming and force/press fitting techniques.

After consultation with the customer, we also manufacture test fixtures for functional testing of the finished assemblies. If required, we coordinate with partners from the automotive industry to construct complete automated assembly lines and produce assemblies with components manufactured in-house or externally.

Despite process improvements and the combining of processes, it is not possible to manufacture all parts on precision cutting tools in stamping presses. For more complex parts, or when the tool investments’ costs are too high for the projected volume of parts, an ideal solution is to carry out forming operations on manual hydraulic presses. We are equipped with modern CNC presses with controlled hydraulics and position systems for the ram, bed cushion and ejector. The parts are manually inserted or inserted using a handling device.


Efficient Production

Complete assemblies are executed right from the development stage to series production in close collaboration with our customers.

Measuring equipment and functional test fixtures are manufactured in-house and if required, made under contract for our customers.