Progressive Stamping

We produce high precision parts for the automotive industry, power tools, switching and precision devices, etc., on BRUDERER stamping presses in the press force range of 20 to 80 metric tons. The stamping tools manufactured in our own toolmaking shop are characterized by a high degree of standardization. This allows our customers to benefit from modern technology and cost effective manufacture of the tools. If there are modifications or wear on the tool, we are able to react quickly and effectively without compromising quality or the delivery schedule.

Team members are encouraged to think in terms of the entire manufacturing process to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. We use specific inspection methods that have been verified though team member participation and SPC data collection through the entire manufacturing process to verify process capability. At no point during the manufacturing process do we rely on part tolerances alone. To ensure production capability and repeatability we use state of the art presses, die protection systems, data collection systems, and inspection equipment.

Our progressive tool systems enable the efficient production of stampings with all possible forming processes such as bending, coining, deep drawing, etc.

The choice of the right production techniques and correct selection of quality raw material makes us an ideal partner. Our experience with the production of high quality stamped parts enables us to make a substantial contribution towards the success of a product. The expertise gained from the production process allows us to continually improve the manufacturing process.