QM Certificates

SQS* Certificates

SQS-Certificate IATF 16949:2016

SQS-Certificate ISO 14001:2015 ; ISO 45001:2018

SQS-Certificate ISO 13485:2016

* SQS is the Swiss Association for Quality and Management

Quality and Environment


All processes in the company are operated with zero defects as the quality target. We are working continuously to improve our management system, working environment, and processes so as to be able to remain a competitive and reliable supplier.

Our goal is to always live up to the highest expectations. Product quality has a central role, but the way in which we carry out our daily work is also important. Our ambition is always to live up to the highest expectations. Quality at Hänggi is not just a concept – it is something that all our employees focus on and work to achieve every day. Through training and decentralized quality work in the organization, we attain the highest quality.


A good environment for us covers both the interior and exterior environments. For us at Hänggi, it is totally natural to implement production with the absolute minimum of environmental interference. We use metal as raw material for our products, so, obviously, waste and scrap is recycled. Just as in the quality area, environmental work is a process of continuous improvement.

IATF 16949:2018

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018